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Corporate wellness programs

We all know we should exercise regularly, sleep well and have a healthy diet. But in reality, during a busy working week, how often do most of us get to focus on our own health and fitness – and strike a healthy work/life balance?

Incorporating health and wellness into the working week and business culture can translate to many meaningful benefits for companies and employees alike.

Benefits of health and wellness work perks

Depending on the fitness and health programs offered, studies have shown the following benefits:

For businesses 
  • Higher retention rates
  • Enhanced connectivity and teamwork
  • Better morale and greater job satisfaction
  • Lower absenteeism from a healthier workforce
  • Reduction in lost income through less health care support and absenteeism
  • Increased productivity from a workforce that’s more focussed and energised.
For staff
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • A healthier body from better nutrition
  • Appropriate weight for age and height
  • Greater strength and cardio vascular fitness
  • Better mental health from having the right work/life balance.

How we work with you

Our allied health professionals, specialists and personal trainers can work with you to integrate health and wellness into your business culture with any of the following:

Lunch and Learn sessions

We can come to your boardroom or meeting rooms, or you can escape to our beautiful studio for informative sessions by our specialists on:

  • Nutrition – healthy choices, easy preparation, healthy snacks
  • Ergonomics – easing stiff necks, shoulders, back and hips
  • Mental health and mindfulness – dealing with work demands.

Gym sessions

  • Midday classes to make lunchtimes more interesting – or get it done before or after work (we have beautiful showers)
  • Exclusive classes (8 employees or more)
  • Gym membership discounts (3 employees or more)
  • Personal training or group classes
  • HIIT, Strength, Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Mobility

Fitness classes during meetings and offsites 

In between your strategy discussions or sales meetings, let us recharge and entertain your team with group fitness classes or meditation.

Health checks

Assessment sessions can be run from your office – including blood pressure, body fat measurements, and general health assessments. Or come and visit us at our clinic for vaccinations, family health, allied health.

Corporate challenges

To promote a healthier and fitter workplace we can facilitate your corporate challenges including:

  • 10,000 daily steps challenges
  • weight loss challenges
  • offsite team building “Olympics” style events
  • team training for group events such as “Spartan” or mass running events.

Movement assessments & rehab

Many of us have aches or pains from sport, exercise, from sitting at a desk all day, or just from living life. Our personal trainers or Exercise Physiologists can come to you for 30 minute movement assessment sessions to review your employees’ movement patterns and recommend exercises or rehab to help them feel more comfortable, move better at the gym, and ideally be pain free.

Onsite health & wellness expo

For the full package – we can visit your company for a half day to allow your team to take some time out for focussed health and wellness. A typical structure could include:

  • Nutrition talk (30 mins)
  • Stretching session for sedentary workers (30 mins)
  • Health and movement assessment (30 mins)
  • Strength and fitness class (30 mins)
  • Meditation session (30 mins).

Pick your fit – we’ll work with you

We know that every company is different in terms of culture, size, structure and budget. Our passion and purpose is to keep people moving and living happier and healthier lives, and we don’t just cater to large companies.

Whether you have two or 2,000 employees, we are happy to work with you and fit in with you by offering our expertise in:

  • fitness, strength, mobility
  • nutrition
  • meditation
  • mental health
  • movement integrity
  • general health – or female specific – or mens’ health.

Let's talk

Mark Glanville, Co-Founder of Movement HQ has been a Personal Trainer since 2001 and has coached and inspired many corporate clients from senior executives of large corporations, to start-up founders, to support staff in smaller businesses.

Formerly a professional high-end chef in the UK, Mark fully understands and appreciates the challenges of fitting in fitness and good nutrition in a busy lifestyle.

He would love to chat with you about how we can help make your team more mobile, fitter, stronger and happier.

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We’re conveniently located in Frenchs Forest 


Building 8, Forest Central Business Park
49 Frenchs Forest Road,
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

We’re just by the Forest Hotel and Dan Murphy’s, not far from Northern Beaches Hospital.

If you haven’t met us or tried our classes yet, book in for a 7 day free trial to get a feel for the Movement HQ experience yourself.