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Make 2024 the year you get into the best shape of your life!

This Program is designed to help build lean muscle, reduce body fat, enhance your training performance, and improve how you feel.

The MHQ Body Composition Program is about more than just dropping numbers off the scales.

It’s geared towards achieving good health with:

✔️ Nutrition guidance to complement your training and lifestyle, and keep you well-nourished

✔️ Recovery and stress management strategies to improve your outcomes

✔️ A well-balanced exercise program geared towards a stronger and leaner body.



2024 Body Composition Program Dates


  • 4th May – Info Event 10am MHQ
  • 11th May – week 1 of 8 week program

  • 5th October – Info Event 10am MHQ
  • 12th October – week 1 of 8 week program


$379 for members


Not a Movement HQ member? Please reach out here to discuss the pricing and training package that will work best for you.





It’s no secret that nutrition plays a major part in your body composition and overall health.

However, the subject of nutrition can be overwhelming, especially with so much conflicting advice.

This program cuts through the BS and dogma to present you with real, applicable knowledge to help you navigate your way through the nutrition maze.

We’ll help you build a healthier mindset around eating with practical tips, real-time advice and weekly coaching calls.

Suitable for all bodies and fitness levels, we’ll cover:

 The fundamentals of human nutrition

The optimal way to eat for your body type

 How much food and macronutrients you need to reach your goals

How to prioritise sleep, relaxation and stress management

 How to combine good nutrition with smart training to get desired results.

What you get

Your results will depend on your adherence, commitment and body’s response to the program.

Who it's for

Whatever your goals are – fat loss, lean muscle gain, body recomposition, or to improve nutrition knowledge – this Program is for Every Body. It accommodates all goals and starting points.

Running 8 weeks, you’ll have time to lose weight safely, build muscle mass, and achieve noticeable body composition changes. You’ll also have time to develop better eating and training habits.

We know it’s challenging sticking to a nutrition plan alone, so our team and community will keep you going.

All you need to succeed is:

☑️ Desire to learn

☑️ Willingness to change

☑️ Commitment to the process.


Antoine:  “You’ve got nothing to lose from doing this Program, apart from some body fat – and you’ll also gain muscle mass and strength.

I did the past Program with my daughters and reduced my waist circumference by 5.6cm, my body fat % fell by 2.4%, and I gained 1.1kg of lean mass.

Most significantly and life changing my blood pressure has reduced from “pre hypertension” to “optimal”. I’m so happy with that”

Maria: “I can fit into my motorbike jeans again after 5 years so I’m pretty excited.

I used to walk 2km and struggle, and now I can walk 9km so it’s a big difference. I am now dragging my husband out for walks rather than the other way around!

I had spasming in my back for 4 years, and coming here and strengthening my back has made a huge difference.

I’ve lost 8.5kg overall – and 5.5kg in 5 weeks, it’s pretty cool, I’ve done that just by food, some conditioning and Pilates.

I’m back to thinking I can do anything. I’ve learnt from Sarah to just do it, and believe in yourself, and that anything is possible.”

Tatum: “I did the last Program with my dad before going on a 9 week overseas trip. Now that i’m back in Australia, I know exactly what I need to do to clean up my diet and get back into shape.

The Program not only helped me achieve my goals, but it provided me with knowledge that will assist in any new goals and being able to get back on track after a relaxed holiday.”

Houri: “Exactly six months ago I decided to change my life for the better and put my health first. I went from zero exercise and unhealthy eating habits to learning all about body composition and attending the gym 6-7 times a week. Hard work, but so rewarding!

I chose to go on this journey by joining MHQ and through here, I met the most amazing coach, Sarah Barty.

This woman is a genius and an absolute legend! The community at this gym and the fun we have each day makes the 4:45am alarm each morning so worthwhile.

This is just the beginning, looking forward to continuing to kick goals in 2024″


Sarah is an experienced Body Composition coach, and also specialises in calisthenics, gymnastics and lifting heavy things.

She started her career in fitness in 2016 and has carved a niche in women’s health and hormones; developing a system for training and eating in sync with the menstrual cycle to optimise results both in and out of the gym.

Sarah will provide insight into pairing up food groups with an effective training program, and applying a balanced approach to nutrition, training and rest.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or want to know more, or are not currently a Movement HQ member please complete this form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

MHQ Body Composition Program