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We’re here to move you this Summer, and help you get FITTER, STRONGER, LEANER and HEALTHIER.

We welcome you to join our amazing community of movers and enjoy that great feeling of being part of something.

Our community of experienced, inspiring coaches and welcoming, friendly members will support you to achieve your best, and help your body move well when you’re active.

Get 14 days for $49

Get to know us. Try any or all of our 60 weekly classes over 14 consecutive days.





✔️ Your choice of strength, conditioning and mobility classes for 14 DAYS

✔️ A GOALS-SETTING SESSION with a Personal Trainer

✔️ UNLIMITED access to 60 classes per week

✔️ Access to our beautiful facilities to TRAIN ON YOUR OWN during our staffed hours

✔️ SMALL GROUP SESSIONS to help you achieve your best:

🔹 Strength 🔹 Conditioning🔹 Reformer Pilates 🔹 Kettlebell training 🔹 Handstands 🔹 Functional Mobility 🔹 Animal Flow 🔹 Rings & Stallbars



Our goal is to help you achieve an optimum level of strength and fitness – and help your body respond well to daily physical demands whilst staying injury free.

We’ll work with you on your range of motion, motor control, positioning, timing and weight distribution as you move, helping to maximise your performance – and protect you from wear and tear.

Exercising in a group environment is a very effective mood and confidence booster, and knowing your classes are pre-planned by professionals removes the monotony and stress of planning your routine.

Let us do all the thinking for you. Know that each program has many goals, one of the most important being ‘FUN!’

So much variety and so much love and care put into every lesson. Laughter filling the air, everyday.

I am very grateful to the expert coaches and teachers at MHQ. Everyday feels like a masterclass in movement and well being”
member ANTOINE


“I’m loving Movement HQ! After being a longtime member of a big well known gym it’s so nice not to feel like any old member. MHQ staff are super friendly and so knowledgeable.

There’s a great balance between strength and conditioning as well as mobility. The surrounds are more like a health retreat than a gym. You don’t ever have to feel nervous about doing an exercise as the instructor will always be there if you need it
member RACHEL


“I chose MHQ firstly because of location (I was working next door). I haven’t worked there for a while but have stayed at MHQ because of the community of people and quality of trainers. It is literally the first gym I’ve enjoyed going to”
member DAVID










Mark Glanville has been a Personal Trainer since 2001. He’s worked with people from all walks of life, guiding them with functional and three dimensional movement, rehabilitation, active ageing, pre and post natal and athletic development.

He set up this beautiful facility to inspire and educate people to become stronger, more athletic and increase general movement and function.

This led him to being awarded “Business Person of the Year” at the Northern Beaches Local Business Awards in 2023.

Importantly Mark’s goal is to create a premium, high quality, inclusive environment where:

“Everybody is WELCOME, and nobody will be left behind“.


Join the Movement.

Become part of the Family.


Sign up here and get 14 days FOR $49. Or let us know if you have any questions. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

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Building 8, Forest Central Business Park
49 Frenchs Forest Road,
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

We’re easily accessible by the Forest Hotel and Dan Murphy’s, not far from Northern Beaches Hospital.

We look forward to seeing you here!