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welcome to Movement HQ!

If you’re searching for a gym where you can get stronger, fitter, and connect with an amazing crew, you’ve found your spot. 

We offer more than just standard workouts. In our small-group classes we provide the personalised touch of fully experienced coaches who tailor exercises to suit your needs.

You’ll work your whole body with a variety of your favourite exercises including squats, deadlifts and assault bikes.

You’ll also have access to more innovative classes designed to get you even stronger and fitter as you surprise yourself with the amazing things your body can do.

With our calisthenics specialists you can test your strength by swinging on rings, doing handstands and trying our Animal Flow classes. You’ll also get reformer Pilates classes included in your membership.

 Join us for a truly fun, effective and transformative workout experience!



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Name of MHQ member who referred you



✔️ 14 DAYS of small group classes for FREE *

✔️ over 60 WEEKLY CLASSES including dynamic strength training, invigorating conditioning, and restorative reformer Pilates classes

✔️ additional MOBILITY AND BODYWEIGHT classes to make your gym training fun and rewarding – physically and mentally

✔️ suited to BEGINNERS to SEASONED GYM GOERS, our experienced coaches will guide you in our small group classes to ensure a safe and effective experience

✔️ professionally run and owned by an Exercise and Rehab Specialist with 22 YEARS COACHING EXPERIENCE

✔️ within our SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY you’ll get to connect with our amazing gym crew and enjoy a fantastic vibe.

🔹 Strength 🔹 Conditioning 🔹 Reformer Pilates 🔹 Kettlebell training 🔹 Handstands 🔹 Functional Mobility 🔹 Animal Flow🔹 Rings & Stallbars 🔹 Bodyweight Strength



* Offer to people who have not yet trained with MHQ. Free trial classes are available over 14 consecutive days. 



MEMBER, CHARLIE: “At MHQ they are so on the ball … there’s a massive emphasis on mind muscle connection, a totally holistic approach that encompasses all movement types.

There are no mindless reps in this gym! And EVERY exercise in every class is scaleable, there is no sitting out if you can’t do something, and no embarrassment.

Everyone is on a different journey and the trainers understand that. Total game changer.”


MEMBER RACHEL: “I am loving Movement HQ! The staff are super friendly and so knowledgeable. There’s a great balance between strength and conditioning as well as mobility.

The surrounds are more like a health retreat than a gym.

You don’t ever have to feel nervous about doing an exercise as it’s class based and the instructor will always be there to help if you need it😃”




Mark Glanville has been a Personal Trainer since 2001. He’s worked with people from all walks of life, guiding them with functional and three dimensional movement, rehabilitation, active ageing, pre and post natal and athletic development.

He set up this beautiful facility to inspire and educate people to become stronger, more athletic and increase general movement and function.

His effort and success were rewarded recently when he won 2023 Business Person of the Year at the Northern Beaches Local Business Awards.

Importantly Mark’s objective is to create a premium, high quality, inclusive environment where:

“Everybody is WELCOME, and nobody will be left behind“.


Join the Movement.

Become part of the Family.


Sign up here and get 14 days FREE*. Or let us know if you have any questions. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

Free trial classes are available over 14 consecutive days. 

Refer a friend offer
Name of MHQ member who referred you
Name of MHQ member who referred you




Building 8, Forest Central Business Park
49 Frenchs Forest Road,
Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

We’re easily accessible by the Forest Hotel and Dan Murphy’s, not far from Northern Beaches Hospital.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your strength, fitness and mobility goals!