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Yoga – why you need it

Yoga is a series of stretches and poses that you incorporate with special breathing techniques.

It originated in India around 5,000 years ago, and was developed as a discipline to unite the body with the mind.

When you take a look at Movement HQ coach Mimi Barnes, clearly yoga is working for her.

Mimi radiates a sense of inner strength, confidence and serenity.

She’s been doing it for years and decided to become a professional yoga teacher after a ski accident had her turning to Japanese yoga for ACL recovery.

We asked Mimi to tell us why everyone needs to do yoga …

“It is no exaggeration to say it will benefit every aspect of your life!

It is the most efficient and convenient way to improve your overall livelihood. Both your mental and physical health are improved with this one practice of movement and mindfulness.

Practicing yoga builds resilience for everyday life, aids in overcoming adversity and discomfort, trains your body to overcome limitations, and stimulates your brain to foster neuroplasticity at any age.

There is a balance of effort and rest in yoga that we all need.

We can’t function if we are always on the go and we can’t be excessively immobile.

We need movement to stay healthy and active. Yoga can help the body feel healthy by being light, and helping your muscles feel both soft and strong.

And in this way you find balance in one place: within you.

Living, moving and breathing are easier when you incorporate yoga into your lifestyle.”

In addition to mindfulness and strength, yoga can also help alleviate ailments and illnesses including muscle tension, joint pain, back pain, skeletal and structural imbalances, high blood pressure, organ function and respiratory health.

It can also help reduce stress, sleep problems, depression, anxiety and nervous system issues, whilst boosting immune system efficacy, mental acuity, enhanced senses and feelings of connectedness with the self and the world.

Try this short home sequence for yourself – it will perk you up and bring you into the present moment:

Whether you’re already a committed yogi, or you just do it occasionally or never – and need some inner peace or to improve your flexibility – remember these words of wisdom from Alan Finger, as shared by Mimi:

“Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years.”




Mimi runs yoga, meditation and breathing classes at Movement HQ several times per week.

Jump into one of her classes to experience her passion for the practice and the magic it delivers to your body and mind.