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MHQ Weight Loss Challengers share their stories

What does it take to lose weight successfully?

Over 8 weeks from April 2022, our MHQ Weight Loss Challengers lost an average of 4kg (the highest amount being 10kg).

As they completed the challenge with a sweaty Saturday smasher group workout, we asked our 20 Challengers to share what their motivation was to lose weight, and what worked for them.

We are so proud of the personal goals that were reached and honoured to have been part of their weight loss journeys.


Read on to find out more about the Movement HQ Weight Loss Challenge from our Challengers …

What were your previous obstacles to weight loss success?
  • Social events as there would be lots of alcohol and food, and I would over-eat
  • Portion sizes were mostly too large for me, but I’d always finish what’s on my plate. Since starting this challenge, I’ve been eating much smaller portions and feel satisfied most of the time
  • Consistency – I’d feel good after a week and then fall back into old habits
  • Sticking to a plan and putting positive effort into my well-being
  • Denying myself food to “feel like I’m being good” but in fact just eating the wrong food at the wrong time
  • I found it hard to lose what I call “the last 5 Kilos
  • I’ve just stopped alcohol and lost a bit of weight
  • Eating too much, avoiding the scale as I knew I’d put on weight, unplanned dinners and grabbing kids or processed snacks. Drinking too much booze.

How did your weight impact you?
  • I felt extremely insecure and didn’t feel confident in my own skin. I felt any clothing I put on didn’t look good, which led to me not wanting to hang out with friends or go to dinners with my family. I knew something needed to change
  • I didn’t realize how heavy/big I had gotten. I’d convinced myself that I was fine and healthy and living life. I feel so much better now
  • Having a bad back, it restricts my mobility and causes pain
  • It impacted confidence in certain areas of my life, namely summer. I also wanted to improve my body clock. I was feeling significantly older of late
  • I hated looking in the mirror
  • I felt a bit sluggish and my favourite clothes were getting a little FIRM
  • My clothes felt crap which made me feel down. Also felt out of control as I had no structure.

What helped you most on this Challenge?
  • Having Leo available 24/7 on Messenger or call was extremely helpful as my questions were answered almost immediately
  • The Facebook group gave me delicious meal ideas. The group was also a strong and supportive community that helped encourage each and every one of us to keep going
  • The coaching calls on Monday evenings helped a lot as well, as we were given new information to implement into our routines
  • I’ve relearnt what I knew! Meaning that while I understood one point about 60%, I now have a full understanding of how the pieces all fit together! I’ve learnt that I actually can be lighter and I can get there!


“Leo! All those little messages and little tips and nuggets of encouragement and I felt as though he’s invested in me, why am I not!?

HE believes I can do it, so I must be able to!! That helped sooo much!”


  • The scales!! I was always soooo terrrified of the scales, but now, I see it literally as data
  • Weigh yourself every day, understand you need a “calorie deficit” period and a “maintenance” period,
  • Motivation of the group, accountability to myself given the weigh in before and after
  • Weekly Zoom chat Knowing Leo was available for any questions or concerns and responds immediately.

What was different about the MHQ Weight Loss Challenge compared to others you’d tried?
  • It’s sustainable and having a coach/mentor helps alot as they keep you accountable and provide you with knowledge on the best way to lose weight and how to keep it off
  • LEO! Having someone to build you up, teach you, point you in the right direction when you veer off path. Having the challenge members at the gym kept me accountable.
  • Constant support and encouragement, Leo should be a psychologist. No judgment, relaxed caring support and humour.
  • It’s the first time I’ve done something like this in a group. Usually I do everything on my own, so having to share, be accountable and having that support has been invaluable
  • It was you v you. It wasn’t focused on losing as much weight as possible in x period and competing to win a frikkin prize. It was about being realistic on goal setting and making adjustments to sustain and maintain.
Did this Challenge empower you to maintain your weight loss?
  • Yes. Leo’s been extremely supportive and helpful to every member participating in this challenge. He’s given us so much knowledge that we can take into our everyday lives to help us maintain our goal weight
  • Absolutely! Encouragement all the way, some great info some of which I had not heard before, amazing since I’ve done nearly every diet there is. Mostly support and confidence
  • Absolutely – more so than any other weight loss program or diet.  Leo kept everything really simple but clear. I think we’re always looking for a new, special, different miracle weight loss answer, and that’s why there are so many diets out there – but Leo just bought it all into focus, simplified everything so we can use this for ourselves whenever we need to
  • Yes I did. Certainly empowered.

How would you describe this Challenge?
  • A fun and VERY rewarding program with enormous benefit. I can personally say that I’ve learnt so much during these 8 weeks that I can now apply to my everyday life to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Weight loss is never easy nor very exciting, although the way this program was structured made the 8 weeks fly by. The weekly Monday evening coaching calls were extremely supportive.
  • EASY! Self explanatory! Confronting at first but so very simple. Worthwhile!
  • Do it! Don’t delay! It is the best fun you can have whilst improving your health.

“Weight loss is rarely a straight line.

Having someone support you whilst you better your own health is fantastic. For someone to do that with kindness and humor is even better!”


  • No crazy workouts. Basic nutrition and expectations set around weight loss. Tools to adjust for the unplanned or nights out
  • A really positive way to learn more about yourself and change bad habits. I’d highly recommend this challenge to friends and family
  • Educational. It’s redefined my understanding of what it is to loss weight and how to do it in the most simplest form
  • It provides accountability and information to give you the best chance of success.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt on this Challenge?
  • I don’t have to starve to lose weight. Before this challenge, I thought I’d have to eat the bare minimum and excessively do cardio, although I’ve learnt now it’s the complete opposite. Throughout these 8 weeks, I have been eating a healthy amount of food and feeling satisfied 99% of the time, and only participating in strength training 4/7 days a week. Doing this, I’ve successfully hit my goal of losing 4+ kg, as well as feeling good in my own body
  • How easy it is. I know it won’t continue that way, but for now, while I need to lose the weight, it’s so simple. I’ve been in my own damn way for the past 20 yrs!
  • To slow down and be more consistent. This shit doesn’t happen overnight but following a correct process, it does work. Thankyou Leo, I’ll be the first to sign up for the next one.

“The biggest thing I’ve learnt is you DON’T need to do HIIT classes to lose weight. Also my new mantra is “Food is KING and Exercise is QUEEN”


  • Fasting regularly in mornings is sustainable. Making sure I don’t over-eat in the evenings after fasting in the morning and identifying that short period after really strenuous exercise where I want to eat a lot but by letting that pass, eating a smaller meal is easier. Identifying this is a body’s reaction is good to know
  • You don’t have to over-exercise to lose weight. You can make small life adjustments and big changes happen if you’re consistent.

How did Leo’s coaching help with your weight loss?
  • Leo was always enthusiastic, and celebrated any wins that we achieved and supported and encouraged us through our struggles. He’s truly been amazing throughout this program, and I’ll most definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to start their weight loss journey.

“Leo’s been extremely supportive and approachable throughout. Any questions I had were answered almost immediately, which made the 8 weeks as easy as they could be. Leo taught us so much about weight loss and the science behind it”


  • Leo is brilliant! I was resistant at first but once I realized how much I needed him, it was great. I felt my questions were answered concisely, in terms I could understand
  • Fantastic! Leo understand the science, but also the psychology and was able to apply both with kindness and humor. For someone who has been on 1,000 diets to still be engaged in this says a lot
  • Despite not yet reaching my goal I still feel that I’m on track and will continue to follow all I have learnt. Leo is a great coach
  • So grateful. Leo’s attention to detail, unwavering support and vast array of knowledge has been so valuable! I’ve truly enjoyed these last 8 weeks (and he said dieting wasn’t enjoyable) but Leo honestly made it easy, fun and most of all sustainable
  • Really good I was not as involved as I should have been but it was a positive and I’l do another program where I’d like to try and get really lean
  • Fun. The Zoom chats were informative but fun in a non serious way, and still getting the message across. It was great to know Leo was available any time to answer questions.


“I had a blast, Leo’s delivery of content was educational and entertaining.

He’s very approachable and I could ask any question without feeling stupid.

Thanks so much, I feel energized and happy”.


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