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Tori Hand

At five years of age, Tori’s love for gymnastics was ignited when her mum enrolled her for classes. Once she was old (and good) enough, she began to compete in gymnastics and continued to grow her passion for the sport. Ever since she can remember, fitness and nutrition have been at the forefront of her mind. This led her to becoming a group and personal trainer in her early 20s. Since then, she has undertaken multiple courses based on Gymnastics Strength Training and Mobility, and in 2016, co-founded and ran her own gym based business on these principles.

Her goal with her clients is to build strength and mobility throughout their body, to reduce pain and the chance of injury, and maximise their movement potential. Having been born with a congenital heart disease and having multiple heart surgeries herself, this gives her a unique perspective when it comes to working with setbacks and weaknesses of her clients.

“I like to incorporate bodyweight strength with mobility and flexibility training as it targets the body from many angles, usually overlooked in conventional training programs. I’ve found that combined approach yields better results rather than just doing one or the other”.

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